Elite Luxury VIP Los Angeles Escort


 “The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.”

— Madame De Stael


I am very glad I caught your eye. I am a highly exclusive most unforgettable luxury companion. I am a women who is vivaciously expressive, terribly sensual and charmingly sincere. With a touch of romance and plenty of excitement, I wish to draw you in with my very intriguing, charismatic personality and my slight air of mystery. I am a very busy fashion model, in search of a few select dates with exclusive discerning gentlemen. We can escape the busy world for a little while and enjoy a candlelite dinner with a bottle of wine, sunny day at the beach or an evening curled up by the fireplace.

Do you care to indulge?

 You are a man of accomplishment and exquisite taste who appreciates a women of grace, inspiration and total femininity. Her womanly intuition, understands your manhood to the core. She quietly steps into your thoughts, as you pause to catch your breath. Your imagination becomes quite vivid as she gently takes your hand with a seductive look in her blue eyes and leads you away from it all.

You let here. Her beauty leads your mind to meander to the forbidden but most delicious fruits of her being. An enchantress who moves you in ways until now only imaginable. She is subtle and witty, with an irresistible sense of independence. She caters to your every need like it was second nature. There are nights when you awake to vivid thoughts of this beauty, and are left with unwavering sense of longing.


 To learn more about me, or to inquire about time together, please visit my website. www.ilyanapetrov.com