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The #1 Elite Luxury Escort In Brooklyn New York

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SHY Corporate Accountant By Day… Devious Companion by Nightmares


So let me take a wild guess,

you are successful,

you have a lot going for you.  

You are no fool to beauty, 

you know how to get what you want. 

You are a force of nature in your world.

You are intellectually gifted, everywhere you go you are well liked and respected.

Instinctively, you take care everything. Your family. Your kids. Your business. Everything but YOU.

I get it.

We both know there is something missing.

You are a Titan, you stand tall and confident. However, in spite of your worldly success and your superabundance of friends and admirers, the deepest part of you is entirely unknown.

The ANIMAL deep inside has been caged for too long…

You need someone discrete.

You need someone who understands how fragile you really are.

You need someone who will not interfere with your other life and understands that one must compartmentalize their urges and needs.

Welcome To “Your” Escape

I am Layla Hayek. Your SensualMiddle Eastern Muse. I am a timeless, Persian Sweetheart with voluptuous, chiseled features and stunning, glowing skin. I live my life in pure pleasure, and you are a part of it. The Art of Pleasure comes from practice. I am happy to share my world.

You will enter a trance as soon as you gaze into my devious almond eyes and taste the sweet nectar dripping my luscious lips. My smile and laughter will ensure that for a few fleeting moments, you will forget about the monotony of corporate life. I am your Cleopatra and I invite you to lose yourself as you fall prey to my siren ways.

Come melt into my arms.

Until we meet…


Layla Hayek


Rates for “in person” appearance, private modeling, and companionship. 

One Hour                                   $400

Ninety Minutes                            $600

Two Hours                                  $800

Three Hours                                $1200  (Cocktails/tea time)

Five Hours                                   $2000  (Dinner/Lunch)

Overnight 12 hours                      $3000  (Dinner and a Sleep Over)

Cleopatra Experience

$5000 (Full day)



(646) 481-4843

Advanced scheduling is always advised. As an elite luxury companion, I often receive more booking requests then my schedule allows and my calendar normally fills weeks ahead of time.  I do prioritize longer bookings.

I am very selective about who I choose to see because I care deeply about making our time together a truly memorable and genuine experience.  No one person has the same experience. This is literally how I date. I find this more genuine than dating.  

I handle all client verification personally and all of your information is handled with the utmost privacy and discretion. 

* For me coming to your luxury hotels or upscale residences (below 90th only)

*Fly me to you options are available for your luxury.

*I am highly reviewed on TER (314545) . I also accept P411 requests (P238482)


The #1 Elite Luxury Escort In Brooklyn New York